Reduce Delays and Denials with Insurance Eligibility Verification

One in four health insurance claims are denied, delayed or rejected due to eligibility issues. That’s a scary statistic for anyone whose livelihood relies on proper reimbursement from payer organizations—which is just about every physician practice in America.

Verifying insurance eligibility in advance is key to minimizing denied claims and maintaining a fast billing cycle. In an ideal world, physician practices would get answers about every patient’s eligibility at least 48 hours in advance of their appointment. Even better, it should require little to no effort on the part of your staff.

When you’re a Clinix client, your patients’ insurance eligibility is automatically processed and uploaded into your practice management software by 7:00 a.m. at least two business days prior to the patient’s appointment. We pull the information directly from your appointment schedule so your staff doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Plus, we’re able to provide copay information for all of your patients at the same time we report their insurance eligibility. That way, you can collect copays at the time of the visit rather than sending out bills and waiting.

How do we do it? Our partnership with Passport Health Communications makes us part of a global network serving 9,000+ physicians and processing 400+ million transactions every year. Passport’s eligibility verification services are proven to reduce denied claims, increase practice revenue, and provide a solid return on investment for physician practices.

Through Passport, Clinix can automatically update your patient records with:
• Eligibility status and codes
• “Specialist” or “non-specialist” copay information
• Deductible remaining
• Co-insurance percentages

By automatically verifying eligibility in advance, Clinix is maximizing your staff’s efficiency by reducing the time they spend communicating with payer organizations. Plus, collecting copays upfront while the patient is in the office can help increase cash flow.

And that’s in addition to reducing delays and denials.

To learn more about insurance eligibility verification, contact us at Beth Duke,  Director of Client Services, at