Real-time Eligibility Check: Are You Using It?

Time and again Clinix customers rave about our eligibility batch process. An included feature that automatically fires out insurance eligibility requests to carriers at least two days before upcoming patient appointments, the eligibility batch process works behind the scenes to ensure a practice has the information it needs about a patient’s insurance coverage well before that patient arrives.

But what happens when a last-minute appointment is made after the automatic eligibility request has gone out?

No problem. Clinix’ Real-time Eligibility feature allows a practice to check a patient’s eligibility the moment he or she checks in for registration.

To use it, simply click the “Check Eligibility” tab within ClinixPM. A request to the carrier goes out instantly, and coverage is verified within seconds.

Real-time Eligibility Helps Practices:

  • Verify coverage before services are provided
  • Eliminate time spent verifying patient eligibility via telephone
  • Increase upfront collections
  • Reduce rejections and denials
  • Improve cash flow
  • Collect co-payments at the time of service

Want to learn more about Real-time Eligibility or other ways Clinix makes it easy to obtain insurance eligibility for patients? Contact your client manager today!