Hot Deal for Clinix Customers Only: Free use of dashboardMD’s plug-n-play reporting suite

Imagine if you had a way of knowing—at a glance—exactly how well your practice’s operations and finances stood at any given moment. Then imagine that you had to make absolutely no effort to gather or enter the data needed to monitor those operational and financial factors. Now imagine getting this service free every month.

Only Clinix customers can.

We’ve teamed up with dashboardMD, one of the nation’s leading providers of business intelligence reporting solutions, to offer Clinix customers—both physician practices and billing company clients—free use of dashboardMD’s performance monitoring services and reporting tools.

Why use dashboardMD? Besides the fact that you can take advantage of it free every month, dashboardMD delivers actionable intelligence—in the form of easy-to-read performance dashboards and reports—that empower you to better manage your practice and zero in on trends, exceptions to set standards, and other factors essential to your practice’s well-being.

Using dashboardMD requires no extra effort from your office; data is automatically obtained from Clinix, then calculated, analyzed, and available online, anytime and from anywhere, so your finger is always on the pulse of what matters: charge lags, productivity, collections and AR, denials, contracts, profitability, E&M coding, revenue opportunities, and much more. Hundreds of analysis reports and an extensive Ad Hoc Analysis tool that allows you to build your own reports, charts and graphs are available. Prefer to have a report unique to your organization created for you? DashboardMD’s business analysts and programmers are at the ready*.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait to start working smarter: Implementation is fast (less than one week), and users are up and running within an hour. All online training materials and unlimited access to dashboardMD’s weekly training webinars are included; personalized consulting and training are also available*. Plus, as part of the implementation process, a dashboardMD business analyst will work with you to determine what benchmarks and key performance indicators make sense for your particular office, and help you determine short and long-term financial goals.

Ready to get started? Contact your Clinix client manager today to get a demonstration and discovery meeting set up at your convenience.

* Fees may apply for these customized services, as well as for data warehouse accounts that combine multiple practices into one.