Get Paid Faster: Turn on your PayLeap option

Make it easier for your patients to pay you: Take advantage of PayLeap. Already inside your Clinix software system, PayLeap lets your patients pay you online, face-to-face, or via their phone using their credit card.

Far more than just a means to accept payment, PayLeap also makes it a cinch for your practice to generate invoices, keep track of accounts receivable, track payments, enter transactions, manage refunds, and—coming in September 2015—set up recurring payments—all within a completely secure PCI-compliant environment.

How much does this all-in-one ePayment Portal cost? Not a penny more than your current merchant agreement. And, not only will we meet or beat your servicer’s rate, we’ll walk you through the setup of your account and provide your practice with white-glove customer service, account management and technical support. Call us to make the switch today: (877) 4PAYLEAP, ext. 233.