ClinixPM Pro’s Fabulous Facelift

ClinixPM’s new look—aka ClinixPM Pro—has launched, and we’re thrilled to report the response is a resounding “Yes!”

What’s the fanfare all about? Well, the new look begins with nearly 300 updated forms, each revamped to look more modern and clean. Several forms feature entry fields that have been reorganized so they’re easier to find and more intuitive to use.

Rest assured, each form’s functionality remains the same, so longtime favorite features, such as using the keyboard instead of your mouse, are intact.

Have you tried the new ClinixPM Pro yet? You’ll want to get started soon. All enhancements are being added to ClinixPM Pro only—none to ClinixPM Classic. And we’ll sunset ClinixPM Classic within the first quarter of 2015.

To make your transition to ClinixPM Pro a cinch, we’ve created a set of five videos and a set of Frequently Asked Questions and Differences documents.

Find them and other helpful tips by clicking on the Pro Training Videos & Documents drop-down bar located in your ClinixPM User Menu.

Questions along the way? As always, your client manager is happy to help.