ClinixPM processing claims with Highmark Medicare using 5010 format

(Brentwood, Tenn. – June 30, 2011) – ClinixPM, the practice management software from leading medical software company ClinixMIS, began processing insurance claims with Highmark Medicare Services using the new 5010 version requirements this week.

Clinix has focused on internal and external testing for 5010, making the project a top priority shortly after the update was announced in 2009. As a result of preparing according to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) timeline and early testing with Highmark Medicare Services, Clinix was recently approved for production in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington D.C. and is currently sending 5010 claims to those states for Medicare.

Testing with several other states for Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield is underway and will be completed for production with them over the coming months. To remain up-to-date on compliance and continue processing claims in a timely manner, Clinix will also be participating in the National Testing Day on August 24th as well as doing continual testing as carriers transition to 5010.

About Clinix

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