ClinixMIS Announces New Innovations in Patient Reception

(Nashville, TN, October 24, 2003) – ClinixMIS today announced that it has released a new advance in its patient reception module. The latest release allows medical group management users to work from a single workstation screen that monitors the workflow and other tasks associated with patient reception while a color-coded schedule displays the status of all appointments.

The new color-coded schedule also displays co-pay amount, check in time and all other basic appointment information. Patient arrival and check in status as well as same day schedule changes are also indicated through color-coding. This provides users with a quick and easy way to check the status of patients and appointments.

New select button features on the screen will also provide users with the capability to register patients and print encounter forms, new patient information forms and existing patient information forms. Users will also be able to generate patient specific lists of all same day appointments. The screen allows easy access to patient information by just a click of the button.

About ClinixMIS

ClinixMIS, based in Brentwood, TN is a medical information systems company that provides physicians and practice management companies with scheduling, accounting, and management information solutions. Currently the ClinixMIS system is serving more than 1,400 providers across the country in twenty-two states. For more information on ClinixMIS and its suite of software, training, and support services, please visit or call (866) 254-6496.