Clinix Client Service Teams Grows

Our 2015 New Year’s resolution? To bring you even better customer service than ever before. But how can we top the exceptional service your own dedicated client manager already brings? Easy. We’re backing each with a growing team of associate client managers.

Think of them like your own personal tag team. Whenever you need your client manager’s help, an associate manager will be poised and ready to assist him or her—ensuring you get exactly what you need, as quickly as possible.

Already our new associates have helped tackle the 2015 CPT updates, med option alterations, and a multitude of tech-, operations-, and programming-related client pending requests.

So who are these brilliant backers? Introducing Tika Dillard, who boasts 11 years in the medical industry, and Beth Horrell, who has five years under her belt as well as a master’s in healthcare administration.

At the helm of our growing client service team, we’ve also placed a longtime client service powerhouse, Beth Duke, who in her last nine years with Clinix has held roles in both implementation and customer support.

Beth says there’s only one word to describe Clinix’ robust service team: “Fantastic,” she says. “I look forward to the coming year—and with this team, I know our clients should too!”