Clinix Meets and Exceeds ANSI 5010 Data Management Standards

(Brentwood, TN – November 1, 2011) – ClinixMIS has completed the requirements meeting the ANSI Version 5010 system upgrade implementation and continues to operate under the latest standards for the use of transmitting industry wide electronic medical transactions. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the mandatory transition to Version 5010 in 2009, with a required completion date of January 1, 2012. Clinix has been on board with the conversion from the beginning – actively participating in national trade organization efforts to insure a successful transition, providing personal testimony before congressional subcommittees, and modifying ANSI 837 claim and 835 remittance programs to meet the new 5010 standards very early in the process. Clinix invested valuable time and resources to make the changeover while staying well ahead of the expected transitional time frame.

Recognized as an authority in the forefront of Electronic Data Interchange standards, Clinix was the first company to be prepared for the testing of Version 5010, announcing their readiness in April 2010, more than 1 ½ years before the regulatory deadline. They began actual processing of insurance claims using the new 5010 requirements in June of 2011, well ahead of schedule and with production approval already established in several states. Now, as the transition deadline quickly approaches, Clinix remains an industry leader in the extensive internal and external testing of Version 5010 with production and/or status updates of over 75 payers, including most of the Medicare states.

“We have been utilizing the ANSI 5010 standard, testing the program well ahead of the mandatory implementation deadline and providing consistent, timely compliance as we continue to process claims,” said Jerry Killough, President and CEO of ClinixMIS. “We remain a leader in our field, and a step ahead of many competitors, by placing the importance of projects such as the 5010 transition at the top of our priority list. In doing so, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers as well as provide the security assurance and peace of mind that medical practices, billing services and insurance payers want and need.”

With the enactment of Version 5010, Clinix takes yet another step forward as a top healthcare business leader. Moving forward, as the industry continues to grow and new regulations develop, Clinix is sure to remain in the top ranks as an always advanced, compliant, reliable software system provider.

About Clinix

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